About Us

Beat the Street is a real life walking, cycling and running game for a whole community. Beat the Street is delivered by Intelligent Health on behalf of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Reading and Reading Borough Council Public Health. The competition will run in Reading from 15 April – 27 May 2016. People score points and win prizes by walking, cycling or running from point to point and tapping a registered and activated Beat the Street RFID (Radio Frequency ID) card or Fob on sensors (Beat Boxes) which are placed on lamp posts across the dedicated routes where the game is being played. A player taps their Beat the Street card or fob at various points on their way to and from work, school and to the shops. Registered players can win regular spot prizes for a ‘lucky tap’ on a Beat Box. To be eligible to win a prize, players must be registered. The more Beat Boxes you tap, the further you travel and the greater your chance of winning a prize. Players can also join teams by choosing from the list on the registration page. There are lots of prizes up for grabs for individuals and teams taking part in Beat the Street. Daily lucky tap prizes include £25 Decathlon vouchers. Additionally, one prize goodie bag will be won by one pupil per participating school every week.
Leaderboards We have 2 leaderboards: Total Points & Average Points. For each of these leaderboards there will be 3 cascading prizes as follows: st place
nd place
rd place
A prize is also available for the highest ranked Community Group for each leaderboard. These are defined as any team which is not a school (eg. cycling club, scout group, library).

The community groups will be on the same leaderboards as the schools. Community groups cannot win more than one prize. Should a community group be placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the leaderboards, the £250 cash prize will be awarded to the second highest ranked community group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does it work?

A. Players record a journey between Beat Boxes situated in Reading, Burghfield, Mortimer, Pangbourne and Theale AND score points in a bid to win prizes by walking, cycling or running from point to point and tapping a dedicated Beat the Street RFID (Radio Frequency ID) card or fob on sensors (Beat Boxes) which are placed on lamp posts and other street furniture across the dedicated routes where the game is being played. Tapping a card on the first Beat Box sends the location information to a database. The second Beat Box that is tapped will record a journey. Players must tap at least two Beat Boxes within one hour to record a journey. They can then tap as many Boxes as they can find as they walk, run or cycle around. There must be a time gap of at least 2 minutes between tapping Beat Boxes or the second box will not register points. A registered player can see their journey appear on their total mileage and that of their team on the overall town total. Every journey helps the challenge. Visit this website to monitor your progress.

Q. How can I take part?

A. People from the participating towns can collect a Beat the Street card from your local GP, library, leisure centre or Reading Museum. School children will be given a fob by their school. School children will also receive an information pack (Parent/Carer Pack) for their family. This includes one spare card for an adult that must be registered to play. (School children's fobs do not need to be registered on this website in order to play - all fobs issued to school children are pre-registered to their school).

Q. How do I register?

A. Register your card number on this web site and check your point total. Your activation number is on the back of the card and the card number is on the front. Only one card is permitted per person. Adults must register Beat the Street cards online on this web site to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Primary school children will be allocated fobs pre-registered to your own school team. Secondary school children will need to register their own cards. To look at your total, use the Card number once you have registered.

Q. How do I get points?

A. Go out for a walk or cycle, look for a Beat Box and tap your card on it! Tap your card or fob on the first Beat Box you find. The sensor will make a noise and flash! Hold it against the Beat Box until the green lights flash and you hear a beeping noise. This should take 2-3 seconds and needs to be tapped just once for the lights to flash and your location to be identified. Continue your journey to tap the next Beat Box to earn points. Remember you must tap your card or fob every time! If you find another Beat Box within one hour and tap it, you will receive 10 points. You earn 10 points for every subsequent Beat Box you tap on....as long Beat Boxes are tapped within one hour of each other! If more than one hour passes between Boxes, then the next Beat Box you tap will act as a 'start' point. The process will begin again. The more you use your card, the greater your chance of winning a prize and the more you will help Reading to complete their race to space.

Q. Where are the Beat Boxes?

A. Beat Boxes are positioned around Reading, Burghfield, Mortimer, Pangbourne and Theale. Maps showing the locations of the Beat Boxes can be found at the bottom of the home page. Beat Boxes are positioned roughly 1/2 mile from each other. All distances are averaged.

Q. How do I join a team?

A. When you register you have a choice of teams. Look in the drop down list to find a type of team followed by the name of the team. Players can join any team.

Q. Can anyone join a team?

A. Yes, anyone can join a team of their choice. Teachers, parents and carers are encouraged to take part during the competition. Parents, teachers, grandparents and carers may choose to join a school team to add to their total. Their points will be added to the school total if they register online or to the total of whichever team they select.

Q. How do I start a team?

A. If you would like to create a team, please email team.Reading@beatthestreet.me by 22 April 2016. This is a mass participation project to encourage the greatest number of players. Teams will have until midday on 29 April to recruit a minimum of 25 participants. If they fail to do so by that date they can still take part in reaching the overall total but the team will not feature on the leaderboard. If the team grows and reaches 25 members at a later date, it will reappear on the leader board.

Q. How do I get points?

A. When you tap your card or fob on the Beat Box sensor and tap a second Beat Box within one hour you will earn 10 points. You will earn 10 points for every subsequent Beat Box you tap on….as long Beat Boxes are tapped within one hour of tapping the last Beat Box! If more than one hour has passed since your last tap, you go back to the ‘start’ of your journey. You can tap on Beat Boxes as many times as you want as long as you always move between Beat Boxes. If a box doesn’t register points we will be unable to add them at a later date. In a big competition such as this, a Beat Box may go temporarily down due to the mass participation. We keep an eye on our Beat Boxes and try to get them working within 24 hours of being notified they have stopped working. Email us via team.Reading@beatthestreet.me if you experience any problem.

Q. How do I find out how many points I’ve earned?

A. Each time you touch your card on a Beat Box, points will be added to your account (subject to the rules in the ‘How do I get points’ area above). You can track your progress online via this site.

Q. How does my team win?

A. The system has been created to encourage both large and small teams to take part and enjoy the competition. Visit the leaderboard section to see the two types of tables.

Q. How do I know if I have won a prize?

A. Only registered players are eligible for prizes and we will contact you directly. Prizes will be announced via Facebook and on twitter.

Q. A Beat Box didn’t beep and the lights didn’t flash, who do I tell?

A. If this happens please let us know by emailing team.Reading@beatthestreet.me. In a competition of this size sometimes a Beat Box may temporarily become un-responsive. We are unable to allocate points for that box while it is out of action. We aim to get any unresponsive Beat Box working as soon as possible, within 24 hours.

Q. My card isn’t working; can I get a new one?

A. Please check your online account to check that it definitely isn't working. Points are added to your account quickly but sometimes there may be a short delay – especially when everybody is out and about tapping! If there is a continued problem email team.Reading@beatthestreet.me. If you are at primary school, speak to your teacher.

Q. What happens if I lose my Beat the Street card or fob?

A. If you lose your card, you may collect a new one from a distribution point and will need to start again. Please keep your card safe as you will need to register your new card online. Your individual account cannot be credited with points already accrued. Points are non-transferrable across cards so a new card will need to be registered. Points cannot be transferred to your original account but they will still count towards your team’s score. If you are a parent or carer, you can pick up a new card from your child’s school or selected distribution points. If you are a pupil at school, then your fob is registered to you personally. If you are at school and you lose your card or fob, talk to your teacher.

Q. Do I need to live or work in the area to take part?

A. Anyone can play but only residents or people who go to school or work in the town can set up a team.

Q. How do I know where the Beat Boxes are?

A. The Beat Boxes are all shown on the online maps on the home page of this website.

Q. How are Beat Box locations chosen?

A. Locations are primarily chosen based on their proximity to key destinations such as schools, businesses, parks and strategic walking routes. All distances are estimated but on average are around ½ mile apart.

Q. Can I join in when the competition has begun?

A. Of course. People are welcome to play throughout the competition.

Q. Do I have to tap every day?

A. It is up to you how often you take part. The Department of Health recommends 150 minutes of activity a week. This works out as 30 minutes a day for five days a week. For this competition, every time you tap two or more Beat Boxes you help your health, team’s points and the overall community challenge. Every step helps!

Q. Do I have to register my card?

A. In order to be in with a chance of winning any prizes or to select a team for your points to go towards, you will need to register. If you do not want to win a prize and do not want to join a team, you can simply use your card to play without registering. Every tap contributes to the overall mileage total for your community.

Q. Can I start to play before I register my card?

A. Yes, as soon as you get your card, you can play. When the card is registered, any points already accrued will go towards your selected team’s total.

Q. Any tips to stay safe when out playing the game?

A. Before you go out to play Beat the Street we recommend parents, teachers and community leaders look at THINK! http://think.direct.gov.uk/resource-centre/ - this is a one-stop resource for road safety education materials.

Q. How do I teach my child to be safe on the road?

A. Learn the Green Cross Code. To be safe on the road learn these 6 steps: - 1. Think 2. Stop 3. Look and listen 4. Wait 5. Look and listen again 6. Arrive alive Visit http://www.roadwise.co.uk/children/road-safety/green-cross-code for more.

Q. What should I wear when out walking or cycling playing Beat the Street?

A. Increase your visibility to help drivers and other road users to see you. Wear bright and fluorescent materials in daytime and reflective materials at night. Fluorescent clothing helps drivers to see you in daytime and also in poor weather. Reflective clothing is required to be seen at night. Use flashing lights on your bicycles, pedal reflectors and wear reflective coats, bags or high visibility tabards. Use a white or brightly coloured cycle helmet or even one with a light! Don’t forget the family dog - use a high visibility lead and collar, harness or coat.

Q. Can my pet play the game?

A. Animals are welcome to accompany you on your walks and Beat the Street routes however pets may not be not permitted to register as a player. Pets cannot earn points for you. The competition itself is only open to people.

Q. What is cheating?

A. This is a fun competition about getting moving around the town – you can walk, run, cycle, rollerskate, skip. No use of motorised bikes, cars or other vehicles please. The person who cheats won’t be getting more active. Anyone caught cheating will be removed from the competition and their walking records set to zero. Cheating also includes tapping more than one card, driving between Beat Boxes and using other people’s cards or fobs.

Q. I think someone is cheating, who should I tell?

A. Email team.Reading@beatthestreet.me and we will look into it.

Q. Who is funding Beat the Street and why?

A. This initiative is run by Intelligent Health on behalf of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Reading and Reading Borough Council Public Health. Beat the Street turns areas of Reading, Burghfield, Mortimer, Pangbourne and Theale into a real-life game where residents are challenged to join a team and see how far they can walk, cycle or run. Beat the Street is designed to inspire people to be physically active, to explore their towns and areas. Any more questions? Email us at team.Reading@beatthestreet.me.